Wait goes on for Dubai drug woman

Many people might not realise it, but when visiting Dubai, never bring any painkillers that contain codeine.

The mother-of-two, a sports osteopath, was found with traces of the sedative temazepam in her system as well as codeine when she was arrested at Dubai Airport two months ago. She had faced a four-year jail sentence if found guilty and was held in prison before being released on bail on 30 April.

In fact the best rule of thumb is only buy medication while you’re there, that way you won’t get anything illegal. And you are likely to get it cheaper there anyway.

One thought on “Wait goes on for Dubai drug woman”

  1. I happened upon this story whilst doing some research for my own upcoming trip to Dubai, since I have a prescription for a drug which is controlled in the UAE.
    I also spoke to the UAE Embassy in London who clarified the story, since the media’s version is rather flawed. This woman was originally arrested because her sponsor had cancelled her visa and she had been in the country illegally. It was only due to her erratic behaviour whilst under arrest that they drug tested her and found the controlled substances. Rather throws a different light on it, no?

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