Happy Birthday to me!

Another day, another entry, and I’m 24 today!

And what better way to celebrate a birthday than to do some blog research…if you are reading this please do leave a comment I am curious to know the turnover of readers almost 3 years after I started this blog.

26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Happy Birthday from across the pond. You’ve got a good head start on things young man. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m 27 – just let me tell you that the time between 24 and 27 goes by very very fast. Don’t blink and keep doing the fine work Gavin.

  2. Gavy Baby!!!

    I bet you thought that I forgot all about you! I wouldn’t forget your Birthday for anything! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!I wanted to be the first person to wish you Happy Birthday on your blog but it looks like 11 other people already beat me to it!

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

    luv Cheeky lil Tart xo

  3. Just stumbled in and out. Added you to my adoptee blogroll. I’ll check back later!

    Good so far from what I’ve read.

  4. belated birthday wishes gavin – i turn 25 next month so i’m still reeling from johnke’s comment – make the most of it indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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