More crazy islands in Dubai

Dubai islands

Not happy with just the Palm Island, Palm Island Jebel Ali, and the World – Dubai are going to build two more, the half-moon shaped one to the left, and the Palm Island Deira to the far right. The first Palm has 100% of the groundwork done while The World is at 50%. Certainly makes the coastline more interesting anyway.

12 thoughts on “More crazy islands in Dubai”

  1. Their next project will be a series of offshore mountain ranges that spell ‘hubris’ when viewed from space.

  2. Wonder how the marine life in the area will be affected by the development. Doesn’t seem environmentally friendly to me.

  3. love the idea, sucks its just meant for the rich, but otherwise it will blow vegas out of the water, should do something similar off the cost of washington or something, someplace without hurricanes and such…only environmental problem other than providing more places for sea life to interact with, is if ice caps keep melting and waters keep rising, then u will have to build the islands higher

  4. Watch the movie on National Geographic about the World islands. No worries about is it environmentally friendly or not.

  5. I adore this, so much money is being played around with i need to find my way into this business…its just unheard of its amazing there is no way i can express my thoughts about what they are doing there. Its truly mind-boggling.

  6. Plus they are also about a year away of making the worlds tallest man-made structure, the Burj Dubai, which will be taller than 2 empire state buildings stacked up on top of eachother. And i’ve heard rumors of Japan having already made plans for a 13,000ft tall structure, identical to Mt. Fuji.

  7. don’t be narrowness, open your mind, open your hands, this is a good idea.
    it is crazy? I don’t think so. As dubai goverment said, the only limit is the imagination. Dubai has lots of money, and they also got an idea, ok let them make it come true. Once the project is done, we will have one more option, and one more destination. I think that is not bad at least.

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