4 thoughts on “Abuse in Afghanistan”

  1. There is a special room in hell designed for whatever person (who is probably otherwise quite a nice person) dreamed up Celebrity Love Island. It is puke inducingly bad. I had a squint last night to see if my awareness of the English celebrity culture had improved any since Celebrity Rainforest or whatever the hell it was, and realised that I had only heard of one celebrity stuck in Fiji. Personally, after thirty seconds of the Abi/Jayne/Lee love triangle saga, I was hoping the viewing public would dump Lee off the island but having checked your link there, it doesn’t look like they were so wise. E4 are flagging the imminent return of Big Brother to which my response is “oh no…” (that’s the censored version).

  2. As Lenny Henry put it, Celebrity Love Island makes Celebrity Wrestling look like the golden age of TV. And all this in ITV’s 50th year?? Almost brings a tear to the eye…

  3. I took the time to write a whole page spread on Celebrity Love Island for betting purposes. I could only manage to watch 1 show though. Absolutelt terrible. I would not give you good odds on the programme even lasting the 5 weeks.

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