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Update, July 2nd:

In case anyone who is new has trouble finding us, I will be wearing a blue shirt/brown slacks, and will be sitting or standing in the vicinity of the stairs, either at the top or bottom of them! Here is a picture of me, feel free to come up and say hi, I’ll try and introduce you to anyone else there!

Dick, Jon and maybe Bernie will be there early – I should be there early too, depending on my travel time, probably from 6 on. I will post a pic of myself so that newcomers can at least recognise me and be introduced to some fellow bloggers – I will upate the original post and this post with a pic this evening!

If you are coming please drop me a mail to gavin AT gavinsblog DOT com!

So it seems we have come to some agreement on time frame, Saturday the 2nd of July in Dublin. Many, such as myself, will have to travel a good bit to get to Dublin (being a Corkonian), so if anyone wants to help non-Dublin folk help by offering a spare bed or sofa then please do so in a comment. Arrangements can then be made later via email if you so wish.

Venue: Market Bar, (upstairs) Fade Street, Dublin
Time: 8pm
Date: July 2nd, 2005
Attendees: Bloggers, blog readers, friends of bloggers, friends of blog readers – well anyone who is interested really.
Aim: To further develop the blog community in Ireland, while perhaps getting sloshed in the process.

Irishblogs have helpfully placed a link at the top of their page to help publicise the event.

If everyone could mention it on their blogs it would help get the word out since not everyone comes on my little corner of the blogosphere.

23 thoughts on “Blog party”

  1. Sure. We’ll put up a notice at the top of the page on our homepage at Irish Blogs. We’ll just link it to this post until the time and date is finalised and then we can post those details onto the homepage too or link it to any other page that is helpful.

  2. I know I’m at U2 on the 24th and isn’t there another gig on the 25th? Either way I’d be up for either night. No doubt everyone will have their digital cameras out in force to provide pictorial evidence on their blogs of all the revelry…


  3. I could go on either date – but I won’t !
    I don’t ‘do’ parties ; too shy … !
    John will probably go – our ‘Junior’ would go for the free booze and the ‘birds’ (WHAT ! there’s NOT … !) but he’s too young . But he does’nt think so ….

    Sharon .

  4. both dates fine by me – i’ll vote for 2 july to keep the majority happy 🙂
    i’m with you sharon – i ain’t a party girl either but i’m going to try and pluck up the courage just this once… if anyone comes near me with a camera i’m scarpering though!

  5. …or you could send your fella , Janine , and I’ll send John .
    Then us girls will head off for a ‘Ladies Night’ !

    (BTW – ‘Junior’ asks if you have a younger sister !).


  6. Go on so, 2nd of July. Mine’s an OJ. Shame on all of you for drinking. SHAAAAAAAAAME. >-(

    (Jaysis what’s Twenty going to come back with?)

  7. bah, 25th is the significant others b-day…and the 2nd of July is dangerously close to Sanfermin Bullrunning festival….

    but I will choose 2nd of July…


  8. I might try to make it as i’ll be arriving back in Ireland round about then for a brief stay and to stock up on tea/tayots etc. Maca (Raiméis)

  9. No nametags! The last time we did this the most interesting people were the ones we thought were bloggers. If they had to do the nametag thing, we would’ve never met them!

  10. I’m new here – just arrived in Ireland 3 weeks ago. But I’d like to meet you guys – does anyone have a sofa available for the night?

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