Revenge of the Sith

I quite enjoyed it – but can anyone explain to me this little problem in the story line. If Padme died immediately after birth, how the hell does Leia remember anything about her, as she describes in Episode VI? I was thinking, until I re-read the Return of the Jedi script, that Luke may have been referring to Leia’s adoptive mother, but no, he is quite explicit “Your real mother”. Surely Lucas could have adapted the storyline to allow Padme to live for a little while, in order to bring Episode VI into line?

I know this would have upset the immediacy of Anakin’s premonitions of Padme’s death, but the visions could have been adapted to happen a year or two later while Padme was kept in hiding, with Luke either sent off early, or just say that guys don’t remember as much as girls. And adapting it would keep sticklers for accuracy like me quiet.

Leia… do you remember your mother? Your
real mother?

Just a little bit. She died when I was very

What do you remember?

Just…images, really. Feelings.

Tell me.

(a little surprised at his insistence)
She was very beautiful. Kind, but…sad.
(looks up) Why are you asking me all this?

He looks away.

I have no memory of my mother. I never knew

Has Lucas answered this question already? I hope you all spotted the Millenium Falcon early on in the film too.






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  1. niall avatar

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…

    Real fanboys say that it’s because Leia, like Luke, was strong in the force – and you’ll remember she does have a good oul’ look at her bairn before she carps it.

    That’s why they are just “images… feelings”.

    I’m off to top myself. By filling fluoroescent tubes with petrol and having a light sabre fight.

  2. John Kushiner avatar

    niall: I don’t buy that one bit. I think it’s an oversight on Lucas’ part. Also, the medical droids can somehow save a man who’s been burned so badly you can see his internal organs and who has no legs – but yet doctor’s haven’t figured out a way to save women from childbirth? I think it’s also ludicrous to think that childbirth would still be natural at that point.

    I think that Vader should have whacked her. Would’ve made the transition to the dark side complete.

  3. Kimberly avatar

    we talked about this a little. Leia didn’t know she was adopted, I don’t think. She thought her mom was The Queen Organa (or whomever the lady was), we thought that maybe she was reffering to the only mom she knew she had- the wife of the man who adopted her at the end. Even if she had been told she awas adopted at that point- she didn’t sem to know before hand that she had a different birth mother than the mom who raised her. Or it was just an oversight. It’s not easy to make the new trilogy match up the a future trilogy that has already been written.

    How about OBI Wan acting suprised to see R2D2 in The New Hope and acting like he had never ever seen a droid like that before when he had a lot of cantact with the droids when he was with Anakin. But then again, Obi did just say he never owned the droid—which I guess he never did, it was Ani’s. And the comment about Luke having his father’s lightsaberand his father wanting Luke to have it when he was old enough……

    I wonder if there will be an inbetween movie. Something to bridge the 20 some yrs between episode 3 and 4……..

    And to John comment about the droids saving the burnt man, but not the lasy during childbirth. If you recall, they didn’t know WHY she was dying- but it was of a broken heart (as she stated when confronting Ani) and she just had no will to live.

  4. Kimberly avatar

    PS- I came upon your blog because I have a son named Gavin. He’s 11. It’s not as common a name here in USA. I guess it is in Ireland though.

  5. Duncan avatar

    John Kushiner: …but yet doctor’s haven’t figured out a way to save women from childbirth?

    Actually, the medical droids would have been able to save her. But they say there is nothing medically wrong with her and they don’t know WHY she is slipping away. Her life force just seems to have run out… her will to live was gone.

  6. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    I dont buy that Niall, Luke and Leia were probably equal in power (twins) and the force is afterall based on genetic heritage – and Luke says he doesnt remember a thing.

    Kim thanks for dropping by, on your point I dont agree, Luke is specific in his question – your real mother. And her adoptive mother apparently did not die when she was very young. She could only be referring to Padme.

  7. johnke avatar

    Although it’s not explicitly stated in either of the movies, it’s almost certain she knew she was adopted. The chances of it being kept a secret are very slim – the head of a royal family suddenly having a baby with no pregnancy, and the child never even hearing whispers of ‘adoption’?

    Personally, I don’t have many problems with the transition between III and the original trilogy. Leia’s memories of her mother’s feelings are pretty accurate: Padme effectively died of a broken heart, so I’d say that’s pretty “sad”.

    As for why Leia remembers and Luke doesn’t.. I don’t know. Because she was in the womb longer? Anything’s possible 🙂

  8. Peter Nolan avatar

    “…they didn’t know WHY she was dying…”

    Probably because of Bush’s election victory, I’ll wager.

  9. John avatar

    I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I gather from my daughter they didn’t even know she was having twins.

    They can fly across their galaxy in minutes, but they haven’t yet developed the ultrasound. What’s that all about?

  10. John Kushiner avatar

    heh heh heh. now, THAT’s exactly what I’m talking about here. The whole idea of not knowing she had twins and the idea of her dying in childbirth is just plain out ridiculous.

  11. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Well Padme was trying to keep the whole thing a secret lest anyone find out about her relationship with Anakin, so it is half-plausible that she didnt know herself. Wait perhaps ‘quarter’ plausible.

  12. David Ziegler avatar
    David Ziegler

    You could argue that someone could say all these things in Leia’s case. If all your life you knew you saw your mother, wouldn’t you have images and feelings about that moment? Your mind would have some sense of your mother, whether from actual specific memories, or just vague impressions as Leia had. If Leia had heard things about her mother — perhaps from Obi Wan –wouldn’t you be able to say that your mother was beautiful, kind, but sad? Plus, Leia could possibly read things about her mother from the force.

    In the end, it’s just a really good story. Insisting it live and breathe without inconsistency, as only non-fiction can, is pointless.

  13. Brock avatar

    I that Leia was on crack and she lied her face off when she was talking to Luke

  14. Flowergurl avatar

    I agree with the opinion that Leia knew she was adopted and simpley remembered Padme for the brief moment she saw her. She did have the force with her. I’d go with that. Ahh it’s so sad though. 🙁