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Bush on stem cells

I am inclined to agree with the comments Matthew Yglesias made on Bush’s position with regard to embryonic stem cell research.

If Bush truly believes that it is immoral why does he only plan to veto federal funding for research? For him it seems that murder is fine as long as its not federal money paying for it.

On the issue itself, and moral issues aside, I believe that the US making a mistake that could result in them falling years behind the rest of the world in research. But who is to say whether the next president does not back track on Bush’s policy?

14 thoughts on “Bush on stem cells”

  1. There are degrees to everything. I don’t know that President Bush regards using embryos for stem cell research as “murder”, but he does seem to believe it’s immoral.

    He may also believe ponography is immoral, but not want to make it illegal. He may, however, draw the line at using taxpayers’ money to produce pornography. I think his thinking on stem cell research fits this model.

    I think it’s almost certain that the next president will reverse this position. I haven’t seen anyone lining up for a run at the White House who’s got Bush’s religious/moral convictions.

    By the way, what’s the position here?

  2. I think the Wall St. Journal says more clearly what I was trying to say above. It may not even be that Bush considers stem cell research immoral per se, but he may recognize that those who do would rather not pay for it.

    There has been a similar argument about federally-funded abortions for many, many years.

  3. An important point to note is that stem cell research is not murder or killing of babies. The stem cells used are extracted from frozen embryos donated by couples that do not want or need these embryos and would then be discarded anyways. As a resident of NJ, I am in favor of stem cell research and the state’s proposed Stem Cell Bond Iniative, providing $230 million for stem cell research. This research can only help progress finding cures for some of the most debilitating and life-threatening diseases, including Alzheimer’s and heart disease. I urge the people of NJ and other Americans to support stem cell research.

  4. I would like to reiterate Allison’s viewpoints and say that the stem cell debate is alive and well in New Jersey, where we have a democracy not a theocracy. The people in New Jersey see the many promises the research has to offer. So much so, an institute is soon to be built and legislation has been introduced to promote and fund the research. This will put NJ on the forefront of stem cell research for the east coast and the country and I am proud to live in a State that promotes the well being of her people and the promise of stem cell opposed to the denial of cures and treatments for terminally ill patients.

    I often wonder what George Bush would do if one of his daughters, or any family member, could be cured of a terminal, painful illness only by a medical technique that that involves the use of embryonic stem cells. Would he let Jena or Barbara suffer? I would certainly hope not. I feel that it is immoral to let someone suffer and ultimately die a slow death opposed to curing him or her. Any one who would deny a person a possible life saving cure, is morally wrong.

    In regards to the argument that ES research has not produced and real cures, it is still in its infancy and the research is moving at an incredible rate. People opposed organ transplants in its early days, now they are preformed everyday, around the world. Medical research takes time. I am sure the first heart and brain surgeries took years of testing, experimentations and observation before the medical community accepted the procedure. Stem cell treatments have the potential to save millions of lives, it just needs some time.


  5. For many years fertility clinics have routinely discared unused embryos. It is also true that in the course of a woman’s life she may spontaneously abort embryos for reasons not completely understood. Even though both of these embryo terminations have been known about for many years,President Bush and the far right Christian Evangelists never said a word about it.

    Now it has become common knowledge that stem cells may hold the key to curing Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease. As soon as this information became known to the general public, President Bush and the far right Christian evangelists condemned such research in the strongest terms.They had not previously mentioned anything about disapproval of the discarding or spontaneous abortion of embryos. Now they are incensed about it. It seems that the reason may be that there is a strong possibility that stem cell research may actually help to cure these deadly diseases. They, President Bush and the right wing evangelists are in the position of opposing research that helps people.

    It is most difficult to understand how anyone who professes to be a Christian can be opposed to helping people. The ministry of Christ was largely a ministry of healing.

    Ralph Ekwall

  6. In New Jersey, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee
    approved $150 million for the stem cell research. However, the
    Majority Leader of the Assembly, says that he is not sure if his
    House is going to bring it up for a vote. We can win in the
    Assembly if we can bring it up for a vote. The Governor has already agreed to sign the bill. We are so close to another victory in allowing this research to grow and to find cures. We need your help.

    Call and Email the Assembly leadership and tell them to support
    stem cell research. Tell them to do their part to help the millions of
    people who suffer from diseases that can only be cured by stem
    cell research. Do it today. We only have one week before the Assembly
    adjourn for the summer. Please contact them today. This bill may
    be in jeopardy.

    Also, Go to The Stem Cell Political Action Coalition . It is a great site where you can share your stories, learn how you can help and you can use their site to send a letter to your legislators.

    Anyone who supports stem cell research can call to voice support!

    Majority Leader Joseph J. Roberts Jr – Route 130 & Browning Rd., Brooklawn, NJ, 08030 (856) 742-7600 Email the Assemblyman

    Speaker Albio Sires – 303 58th St. West New York, NJ 07093 (201) 854- 0900 Email the Assemblyman

    Governor Richard J. Codey – PO Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625 (609)777-2500 or (973) 731-6770 Email the Governor

    Assembly Majority (609)292-5339

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