I have mentioned this before, but after listening to the VB show tonight I am convinced. I feel it my duty as a citizen to act as a filter for what is coming from the Morris Tribunal, at least, perhaps taking in other Tribunals – and future Garda corruption. I feel a weblog should be dedicated to these issues. The power of weblogs is demonstrated by the fact that after my post linked to above, I was ranked third on Google, above for ‘Morris Tribunal’.

It would take quite a bit of time, but I feel if I can digest enough information I can turn around brief but concise posts on exactly what is happening.

Other blogs have been covering stuff, like TJ over in UCD, but wouldn’t it be better to pool resources with categorised posts?

The trouble with Ireland is that because of the sheer scale of the corruption, it is hard for any one person to keep up. Would anybody be interested in joining me in this task, a group weblog devoted to exposing corruption, and making what went on, and is going on, more accessible and understandable to the general public?

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  1. Hear, hear. Frank McBrearty Jr. is a clever man and is trying his best to condense the voluminous evidence and get it across the airwaves. But it can come across in skewed fashion when he (rightly so) gets het up. In fairness to Vincent Browne, he tried to steer Frank in his interview. More structure was given to the story.

    For Joe Public, the main message to come from the Morriss Tribunal is that some Gardai in Donegal framed innocent people for murder. However, there’s so much more that people need to be made aware of. The cover ups, the denial, the reaction from the government.

  2. Gavin,

    I don’t think I can offer much. I have paid too little attention to the tribunal as it’s gone about its business. In fact, I didn’t even realize this was the second report until Sunday. I guess I was way too caught up in Iraq, etc. to pay attention to what really matters to me.

    I’d like to imagine that I’d read the full Morris report – is it available online? – but I doubt I will. Right now I find myself totally overwhelmed by the story. I need a short synopsis to get me up to speed. All I “know” right now is that 5 Guards were behind a scheme to frame Frank McBrearty and that the Guards didn’t do much about investigating their own members for wrong-doing.

  3. That’s a fantastic idea Gavin – such a blog would be great way to keep up with the corruption. (Great to read, not to do…)
    It’s impossible to keep track of what’s happening and the daily reporting on the various trubunals is so bogged down in minute and insignificant that it’s easy to forget what they’re all about.
    Good luck with that though. It does not sound like fun.

  4. Gavin, good luck with that, but this is a major undertaking for one man, alone.

    It’s going to take a lot of work, especially without backup from academia, NGOs or media like the SBP, Village, Phoenix or a few others who’ve a track record on this.

    Plus (if you know Cryptome) you’ll realise the need to have some security precautions as well as access to legal representation, which the above-mentioned will possess.

  5. hey, gavin:
    would there be some way for people to show their support for the mcbreartys online? and even to pile on the pressure on the corrupt establishment… its disgraceful that there have been no resignations.
    i admire the mcbreartys courage in standing up to the rottenness of the gardai

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