…a well put together, decent, thought-out, genuine, weblog from the BBC (kind-of), using Typepad no less. It really is very good, I hope they keep it up after the one issue they have targeted is over.

Over at, the weblog’s writer, BBC hack Paul Mason left a comment:

Thanks for that – we are looking at turning on comments if we can moderate them. Its all a bit experimental for us because we are running it as a “semi-officialâ€? site – ie to BBC rules on fairness, impartiality and balance – and every day (I set it going 6 days ago) brings an unexpected challenge. The unevenness of trackback setting is again due to experimentation.

Ah the eternal comments dilemma. I actually think the weblog is exactly what Newsnight needs, especially for junkies like me who have to wait until 22.30 to watch it. Just get a few more hacks on board and run it during the day – the photoblog stuff is excellent, mobile phone photos included.