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Brian Rossiter

Vincent Browne has taken this story to heart. It is an extremely serious incident, and one that I believe people do not know enough about. In fact it’s not extremely serious, it’s blatantly and completely unbelievable that this could happen in any country that claims to be a democracy.

The long and short of it is, that in 2002 in Clonmel, a 14 year old boy went into a Garda cell and came out of it dead.

There are very serious inconsistencies in this story, that would lead a reasonable person to call for a fully independent investigation into the circumstances of the death of Brian Rossiter.

But the arms of the State do not see it that way. There are extremely serious questions to be asked of the behaviour of the Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell. Various things about this story could shock a reasonable person, but to me, what is most shocking is the behaviour of An Garda Siochana and the Minister.

Here is the Irish Times reports on it:

Brian Rossiter was involved in a row with an older man in the town around September 8th, 2002, during which he received a black eye. He was also complaining of headaches.

Two days later he was arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of having committed public order offences following the breaking of windows in the town.

His father Pat Rossiter said he consented to his son being held overnight in custody at the time because he felt that a “short, sharp shock” would teach him a lesson.

Gardaí told him Brian had overdosed on alcohol and ecstasy, but two toxicology tests showed no alcohol or drugs in his system.

So prima facia the Gardai lied to the family. It is also illegal for a 14 year old to be held in a Garda cell overnight. Brian was taken from the cell in a coma, and died after having his life support machine switched off.

There are reasonable grounds for an independent, non-Garda investigation into the circumstances of someone becoming comatose in Garda custody and subsequently dying. More importantly when that person was a minor.

I will be coming back to this story following the outrageous comments of Mae Sexton (PD) on the VB show last night. This has also been posted on my corruption in Ireland weblog.

15 thoughts on “Brian Rossiter”

  1. My mistake aud, but then there is little telling them apart these days. Horrifying indeed.

  2. Don’t forget the Garda Commissioner in all of this. He just released a statement on Fri 24th June saying how he would welcome the opportunity to put th e”facts” of the case on the record but he is precluded from so doing because a case is pending before Clonmel Circuit Court.

    This is a bogus use of sub judice and he must know it. The man before the courts is charged with assaulting Brian Rossiter on the 8th Sept, 2002 – nothing more. Therefore there could be no possible prejudice to his trial by the Commissioner coming out and explaining exactly Brian was arrested, why he was detained in an adult cell on his own, why his parents were lied to about his conduct and consumption of drugs, why a doctor was not called since he was so “intoxicated” and a host of other questions. There is nothing to stop the Commissioner from talking but of course the old trick of hiding behind sub judice is pretty handy when you want ot dodge the question.

  3. The Police force in this country seem to think they are above the law with good reason. any crimes they commit they get away with. i believe surveilance cameras should be installed in every police station in the country try and curb the violence that the police get away with.some awfull crimes commited by gardai have come to light in recent times. but they rarely even make the front page in the newspapers, hidden somewhere in the middle in a small by line!!! THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO WAKE UP….and demand thatthe many victims of police brutality get justice. Solicitors even advise clients not to take cases against the cops because in one Top Irish Solicitors words ” they are untouchable”

  4. I feel it is unfair to the gardai to blame them for the kids death as the state patholigist has confirmed he died of trauma and bleeding over a couple of days and not the few hours he was in garda custody.

    the parents must hold some responsibility for allowing their son to be in the situation where he was beaten and then 2 nights later arrested.

    people will jump on the band wagon and claim this was police brutality but nothing i see in the facts points to this in my opinion

  5. john, wake up sweetheart!! i think its grossly unfair to blame the childs parents, at the end of the day while the Brian was in custody it was the job of the gardai to moniter him, if this was done correctly it would have been obhivous the child needed medical attention. The Guards then tried to say the kid was high on alcahol and drugs yet none were found in his system!! nobody is policing the gardai thats the problem. the guards are rife with corruption.John you only have to read the papers to realise that. the fact that the police can do no wrong stinks of upper middle class idealogy!! Instead of blaming Brian’s Parents. Ask why he had to die in the first place under the wonderfull care of our police system. If Brians Dad was Doctor or Solicitor do you think the matter would would be swept under the Carpet. kids get in trouble no matter what socio-economic group they belong to.Unfortunately working class kids end up dead in Cells… buy a Newspaper John Brian Rossiter wasnt the first…

  6. im really hurt and upset to hear what john has been writing!! im related to brian rossiter through family and he didnt deserve this!! i lived in the area brian did and trust me its not a very nice place. he didnt go around causing arguments they came to him!! and you tell me what teenager nowadays doesnt drink BEHIND their parents backs?? it was not brians parents fault atall! i played with brians little sister katie and they had such a lovely family!! i just dont understand why people feel they can make such horrible remarks when they dont even no pat and Siobhán rossiter!!

  7. This is a disgrace. How can we expect justice when the judicial system and the police system are in be togeather?

  8. I was amazed to read about his father been arrested by garda in charge a short while after this and locked in the same cell his son died overnight. When his case went to court the judge threw it out and was appalled( the garda claimed he never knew it was his dad and he didn’t know there was a pending case. The judge did not believe the garda and said some strong words in court about the case…would you. I think that the garda should have to answer to someone about cases like this but like usual our ministers are blind until it affects them.

  9. I knew Brian Rossiter- played u12 soccer with his.. was lovely guy altogether that prob would have led a deviant life later on due to his upbringing which was unfortunate but despite this he should have never left the world under the circumstances that he did

  10. My mother and father are not the ones to blame for my brothers death!!! and it hurts 2 have 2 read sum of these comments…and what gets 2 me the most is these people dont have the slightest idea of what my parents went thru and how we felt as a broken family 2 have 2 stand in that courtroom on the day of the verdict…knowing that an open verdict would most likely be the outcome!!!and to have 2 stand in the same room across from a man who we all knew had caused brians death…Yeah,it was hard! it has ruined our lives and took a lot out of my sum people not think my parents ever feel guilt..of course they do,and they always will,but they ARE NOT the 1s 2 blame.the gaurds are.we know it and the majority of the country knows it too!an most people know u cant win against the gaurds an thats just the way it is! hopefully in years 2 cum there will be bigger changes 2 the way the garda system is!an there will be justice done 4 any1 who happens 2 fall victim to garda abuse because i certainly dont think that nothing like this will ever happen again! and we no brians death hasnt been in vein,there has been changes since.maybe these changes will help save the life of another young boy,and i will even say girl bacause nothing would surprise me!!! we know brian is in heaven,and i can tell you there will be nobody waiting at the gates 4 the man responsible for my brothers death! so just think of brian and my parents before you decide to pass know NOTHING!!!!!! RIP KRUSTY>>>>>>> FOR WHEN THE ONE GREAT SCORER COMES TO WRITE AGAINST YOUR NAME…HE CARES NOT WAT YOU WON OR LOST BUT HOW YOU PLAYED THE GAME x

  11. Oh and by the way u did not know brian if you thought he had an unfortunate upbringing????… we had the best childhood any1 could ask 4!if there the kinda comments u would leave on this i would hate to see ur parents and wat way they reared you because you obviously dont hava notion! i kind of feel sorry4you actually! i am reffering 2 “anonymous” b4 my last comment!

  12. I new brian well.john your comment is a disgrace. I played soccer wit brian and hung around wit him. He was a top lad and def had a future in soccer .their was nothin underprivlaged about his life . He comes from a good family wit lovin parents. Brian rip . Youl never be forgotten . Your friend . Gary x

  13. R.I.P Brian…You were such a lovely lad, You didn’t deserve this and your family doesn’t deserve the heartache they have been through and are still going though….You will never be forgotten. R.I.P Krusty xxxxxx

    My thoughts and Deepest sympathies to the Rossiter family, the nicest family I’ve ever met and a family that doesn’t deserve the insensitive comments made by previous posters xxxxxx

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