Corruption in Ireland –

Well my new weblog has been up and running now since the 15th of June, making it two weeks old today. As other have noted, it has ended up as the first result on Google for “Irish corruption”.

I have been watching the server logs very closely for these two weeks. I was surprised to see just how many people came in to read the blog. I reckon in and around 90 visits were from the domain, with many of those staying for up to 30 minutes to look around. As well as that I had visitors from,,, NUI Galway, (Examiner or Sunday Business Post) and a large number of referrals from Indymedia, and over a dozen weblogs, some of whom link to Irish corruption but not to Gavin’s blog (fair enough).

In the two weeks visitors have numbered 825, with 2,150 page impressions. That really isn’t all that bad I think. Pagerank remains stubbornly at zero, but all in good time I guess.

And I must thank everyone out there for linkage and words of support, it really is much appreciated.

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  1. Good to hear it is doing so well. If only the net and the blog were around in CJH’s day. Would the question how one could buy so much on such a small salery gone unnoticed. Would that have been the glory years for the blog as blogs aren’t as easy to silence as newspapers.

  2. Great site ,I recon you should have a look at Limerick city plenty of Gardai and political corruption there and it seems to be common knowlege that a bent cop is at the fore front of Morris Tribunal style “arms finds”

  3. Have you ever considered looking into the amoumnts of monies due to local authorities vs. the amount they receive? The results are shocking.

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