Blog Party


In case anyone who is new has trouble finding us, I will be wearing a blue shirt/brown slacks, and will be sitting or standing in the vicinity of the stairs, either at the top or bottom of them! Here is a picture of me, feel free to come up and say hi, I’ll try and introduce you to anyone else there!

Ok folks I hope you haven’t all forgotten! Dick, Jon and maybe Bernie will be there early – I should be there early too, depending on my travel time. I will post a pic of myself so that newcomers can at least recognise me and be introduced to some fellow bloggers – I will upate the original post and this post with a pic this evening!

If you are coming please drop me a mail to gavin AT gavinsblog DOT com!

5 thoughts on “Blog Party”

  1. i’m still unsure of my plans at present but i’ll deffo try and pluck up the courage to drop in for a bit if i’m around town 🙂
    in any case, i hope it’s a great success. i certainly appreciate the effort you go to to try and get irish bloggers together – which seemingly ain’t that easy!

  2. Any chance that a party like this could be arranged in West Cork?!! Im completely new to this and would like to find out what its all about. Anyone in my vicinity that I could meet with/speak to?

  3. Gavin,

    Great to meet you again (this time for a bit longer)to hear your pearls of wisdom from the horse’s mouth and also to meet some new faces. It is a pity more people couldn’t make it. It would certainly be great if we could make a habit of such meetings in a regular fashion, such as quarterly in the Market bar. I know for a fact I would be happy to travel elsewhere too – t’would be nice to get out of the Pale now and then 🙂

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