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I just realised that June 2005 was my quietest month of posting since September 2003. I think I must be feeling some fatigue, in two weeks time this blog will be 3 years old.

I have noted the recent comments Richard made with regard to blogging, where he mentions me:

But it seems entirely possible that human beings have a natural limit on the amount of input sources they want on a regular basis. (Look how Blogrolls expand, and expand, then either contract, get segmented or disappear entirely.) This natural limit is temporarily inflated by novelty, but as the Signal to Noise ratio drops, we want a few sources we can trust. The very few voracious xenophiles (Gavin comes to mind) are likely quite happy to continue indefinitely.

And Jon Ihle’s comment:

I think Sullivan has the right model – and it is essentially the same model newspaper columnists adhere to: pick a few hobby horses and ride the hell out of them. He’s good ’cause he’s focused; most blogs are poor because they’re not (I think Instapundit is getting like this). Also blogging is like addictive substances: it looks way cooler to the addicts than to anyone else. One more thing: the fact that a significant portion of the Irish blogosphere is actually American makes me think that the whole phenomenon is driven largely by our particular national narcissism.

The last month or so I have been musing on what direction to go with this weblog. One result of it was establishing another one, but the workload for that even managed to exceed my exptectations (some other people blogging on it would help alot).

So where do I go? It seems more relevant as I reach the end of my third year blogging. I will be quietly musing on it, and considering in what direction to go, the template and look could do with a cleanup for starters.

Anyone any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “On blogging”

  1. ya argee with bernie. or even try to create a super irish blog that is something along the lines of the BBC site. have people who blog about buissness IT sport news politics entertainment photo blogs etc. all contribute to one easy naviable site.

  2. I think it all depends on what you want out of your blog. Do you see it as journalistic? Or is it simply a way to have a presence on the web, so you can form a little community?

  3. If you go with a group blog, then you will 1) need to focus more narrowly on your topics 2) adopt a strong editorial hand.

    (1) seems counter-intuitive, but it’s not. Finding bloggers in agreement on everything would be… difficult.

    And the ‘identity’ of the blog will now be need to be defined by ‘what it’s about’ rather than ‘who it’s by’ (see Josh Marshall’s TPMcafé for an example).

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