5 thoughts on “Gavin”

  1. Nice one Gavin. Are you sharing sources with Slugger, who told us that the first set of bombers were Algerian? Exactly who are you’re sources – the word alone could mean anything from Pop Bitch to the Prime Minister – which one did you use? Now that the police have out and said that this incident was one monumental cock-up, will you be cutting off connection with your sources? Or will you continue to peddle gossipe and rumour and try to dress it up as informed fact?

  2. Excellent ranking, especially as there are more than one Gavin in the world.

    I did the same for my ridiculous surname and came up 7th on google.com, which surprised me somewhat.

    T o n y

  3. Good luck. You’ll get there.

    PS: I have a client named Gavin who owns a bunch of porn sites and a “Techno” music company (Offworld Media Group). Not that it matters. That’s just what hearing the name “Gavin” reminds me of.

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