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    Court rules crossword clue defames Saffron


    A QUEENSLAND newspaper that published a crossword labelling Sydney identity Abe Saffron an underworld figure has been found guilty of defamation by a NSW Supreme Court jury.

    Gold Coast Publications ran a crossword in the puzzles page of the Gold Coast Bulletin on January 2, 2004, that asked the question: Who is the Sydney underworld figure nicknamed Mr Sin?

    The answer, published in the paper the following day, was Abe Saffron.

    Mr Saffron’s counsel, Clive Evatt, yesterday told the four-person jury the crossword had diminished the 83-year-old’s reputation in the eyes of the community by implying the well-known Kings Cross nightclub operator was connected with “Sydney’s criminal element”.

    He said the crossword question carried two defamatory imputations that diminished Mr Saffron’s public reputation.

    “He (Mr Saffron) says to be described as an underworld figure, and to be described as having the nickname ‘Mr Sin’, has injured his reputation, and would cause people to shun him and avoid him,” Mr Evatt said.

    But the jury found the newspaper guilty of only the first imputation, and dismissed allegations “Mr Sin” was defamatory.

    Justice James Wood will decide on a date to be fixed whether Mr Saffron is entitled to damages.

  2. i am a legal studies student and would like to find out how much the payout for this case was

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