3 goes live in Ireland

I might wait for the PAYG version of 3, but given their performance in th UK I am tempted to move. The lack of 3G coverage doesn’t really bother me, its the calls and texts coverage I would be more worried about, and apparently that coverage is reasonably good. And 3 will soon be offering rather nice Sony Ericsson phones too.

4 thoughts on “3 goes live in Ireland”

  1. If 3 is as good in Ireland as it is here then I would not touch it with bleedin barge pole.
    Example: After buying the phone (on contract) five months ago it has dropped or not connected at least 50% of calls (mostly out, but some in calls)Even moving around the house can cut you off, something which never happens here in London with the other networks. Texts get lost for one, two, three, four or more days after having been sent by you or to you.
    Unfortunately I’m stuck with this (or at least my wife is) for the next 7 months………DONT DO IT !

  2. It’s like a step backward; no free voicemail, no free webtexts, practically no roaming, they launched without pre-pay and its not possible to port over to them until mid/end August!

    The only thing 3 have going for them at the moment are the amount of minutes & texts theyre offering. But if the above comment is anything to go by, all those minutes & texts may not serve you too well if you can never make a call and never have anyone receive a text you’ve sent.

    It would seem they’ve come to the market with a shoddy product based (from what I’ve been hearing) on a shoddy network. I had intended to port to Meteor but now, and perhaps after feeling the Eircom pinch, have downsized their original minutes offerings to truly pathetic packages. 60 mins and 30 texts for €20 a month? I would have preferred 75 mins and 75 texts for €25. I thought the idea was to shake up the cosy situation Vodafone & O2 have going at the moment?!? From what I’ve seen of 3 and the changes in Meteor, I’m better of staying with Vodafone and grinning & bearing getting fleeced.

  3. Actually, I was looking at Meteor yesterday and am considering switching over to them from Vodafone – their international text charges seem to be the lowest and since the bulk of my Vodafone bill involves international texts, I’m minded to do a hop. I sort of feel a little more confidence in their ability to survive with Eircom behind them while realising that Eircom can be a nightmare to deal with. I’ve no interest in 3G at the moment though. The swizzy little Vodafone ads are just not attracting me past what I already use my phone and companies about which I know nada, ie 3, I’m reluctant enough to go with.

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