NatWest issues cash card to Dick Head

Funny story of the day:

God alone knows what NatWest customer Chris Lancaster has done to offend the bank’s card issuing department, but it recently sent him a new cash card on which he is gloriously identified as “Dick Head”.

Or rather, his new title in full is Mr C Lancaster Dick Head, prompting the 18-year-old Essex man to lament to UK tabloid the Sun: “I know I’ve been overdrawn a few times and got a few £30 charges but I’ve done nothing to deserve this.”

One thought on “NatWest issues cash card to Dick Head”

  1. There’s another story, which I think the Reg ran, but I can’t find about a guy who changed his name by deed poll to “Bank x are bastards” and asked them to issue him with a cheque book. The report I read (good few years ago now) was hilarious, because they referred to him throughout as “Mr. Bastards”.

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