On free Satellite

I got satellite installed last week, and I am quite happy with my decision. It’s not that Sky thing that everyone seems to be getting these days – I decided instead to just grab the stuff that’s going for free from orbit.

The satellite dish has two receivers, one for the Astra2 and one for Hotbird1-5. The main reason I got the service was because I was only managing on Southcoast Community Televsion, lacking any 24 hour news channel. Overnight, and without subscription I have access to BBC World, BBC News 24, ITN News Channel, Sky News, Sky News Ireland, Euronews (in 6 language streams) CNN, CNBC Europe, Bloomberg.

Besides that I have access to all the BBC regional variations of BBC1 and 2, BBC 3 (Little Britain), BBC 4 (Great documentaries), MTV ‘5’ (French one I think), MTV, VH1, Al Jazeera, Al-Iraqia, BBC Prime, Eurosport and many more English language stations including C-SPAN. It also has all the BBC and RTE radio stations in superb quality, and about 700 other radio stations. The total channel count for both satellites is about 1500 TV stations – no lack of choice there I guess.

4 thoughts on “On free Satellite”

  1. Gavin,

    Do you need two dishes pointing in different directions or do you have to move the dish? What kind of sat. box or receiver do you have? I recently moved into our new house and have the four Irish channels only so I am looking to do something similar. Sky want over 50 euros a month but I’d rather spend it on broadband.

  2. Astra and Hotbird are in the same part of the sky so you can use one dish with two receivers – you will notice all the Polish immigrants using Hotbird – Astra2 is mostly English language channels. I am using a standard digital sat reciever (patchable) that I got for 100 euros with a SCART cable.

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