DSL Extender trial wraps up

Interesting technology from Telstra in Oz. This could be a very viable solution for parts of rural Ireland – god knows when we would see it implemented. [via Slashdot]

Telstra has finished its “DSL extender” trial and is now allowing the equipment to be used in its live copper phone network. Telstra announced a trial of the technology back in January, saying it would allow DSL to be connected to people who were up to 20KM from a central exchange.

DSL Extenders work by splitting an existing copper phone line into eight separate ADSL lines using a tiny, ruggedised remote DSLAM. The link back to the exchange uses 2.3Mbit/s G.SHDSL (Single-pair high-speed DSL). This 2.3Mbit/s speed is split up among the eight users that are connected to the micro-DSLAM. The link from the micro-DSLAM to customers’ homes is regular ADSL1, which suggests a maximum 1.5Mbit/s line speed. Telstra has confirmed that it will not be able to offer higher-speed ADSL2 or 2+ through the micro DSLAMs.

3 thoughts on “DSL Extender trial wraps up”

  1. it’s a fine idea and one that would without doubt allow many in rural areas to get their long anticipated broadband. Call me a pesimist but I really can’t see Eircom obliging and installing loads of micro DSLAM’s all over the place.

    They’d rather take a step backwards and take the ‘always-on’ out of broadband with their mind boggling “broadband time” offer.

  2. In my opinion, the Adsl techonology has a great development overtime, especially for adsl 2++. Thanks for this usefull post, i’ve just make it a digg.
    Kind regards
    Jake Bunce, the manager of Viettel ISP.

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