To University, and beyond

Some visitors may have noticed a much decreased volume of posts in recent weeks, thanks in part to my preparations for a return to university. I am 24 now so I am going back as a mature student, starting at the end of September in Arts Year 1 in UCC.

My chosen subjects for First Year are Philosophy, Politics, Sociology and Greek and Roman Civilization. Now depending on how much work I will be putting in, blogging may or may not see a rise or fall in volume, but I expect that I will have some spare time with my trusty laptop to do some writing on here.

I intend to do my Degree in Politics and Greek and Roman, with perhaps further study after that. I would also have intentions of visiting Washington next Summer on a J1 Visa, hopefully landing a nice internship at a venerable political thinktank, magazine or some such.

I may also be asking fellow bloggers and readers for help with essays, just helpful stuff, titbits that I might otherwise not have come across in relation to the subject matter of an essay. That is with the cooperation of you all of course, I hope you can offer advice!

And who knows I might get students blogging, there are some blogs already among the faculties in UCC so it can’t be that hard to convince some people of the benefits blogging can give.

14 thoughts on “To University, and beyond”

  1. “Philosophy, Politics, Sociology and Greek and Roman Civilization.”

    My God, talk about quantity! It’s like an entire Leaving Cert. course – perhaps more enjoyable though. Fair play though, have fun.

  2. “Philosophy, Politics, Sociology and Greek and Roman Civilization.�
    turn away from the dark side man you’ll end up in the canteen drink moccas talking about the meaning of being the last biscuit on in a tin of jacobs USA.

    do physics and you can ask questions like if i run at the bisciut will it travel into the future and become stale.

    On the issue of time to blog. Man in collage you’ll have noting to do but doss time. (hence the name of my blog)SO you can drink, blog, party, read, learn, discuss the lives of biscuits collage it great.

    Have fun. and remember traffic cones are not just for a night they also make good lamp shades.

  3. gee… now I really feel I should be doing something educational.. maybe I will do that photography course after all

    Good luck Biggus

  4. Ditch the sociology Gavin! But don’t discount philosophy until you try it! I showed up in university, quite a number of years ago, an unexpectedly took to philosophy immediately. I don’t know what UCC’s course is like and how it’ll match your politics course, but give it a chance!

    Anyway, subject-close-to-my-heart plug over!

  5. Fair play Gavin, you’ll enjoy it, I had a blast at UCD. Four subjects for first year seems like a lot though (it used to be three). I did English and History (wanted to do politics but it cleverly clashes with English on the timetable) and mostly loved it, except for evil old English. Ick.

    With regard to people blogging, email and internet access only ‘came in’ to UCD when I was in 2nd year. There were a limited number of accounts and you had to queue from 6am – U2 ticket stylee – to get one! Apologies for the Peig Sayers ‘back in my day, we had nothing’ comment 🙂

  6. The absolute best of luck…

    Hope you’ll cover some of the less exciting aspects of being a student in Ireland these days…

    Expecting some deep deep posts…avoid the pot smokers…with that arts combination they’ll be there en mass!!!


  7. Best of luck mate – sure you’ll do swimmingly. Any assistance that can be provided, just let me know.

    All the best.

  8. best of luck with your studies gavin! jeepers those subjects sound like *lots* of reading and essays but i’m sure you will have a great laugh @ ucc as well – hope it’s more picturesque than ucd! – i remember that netsoc queue sinéad 🙂

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