Observations in London

London hasn’t really changed much. I sensed little fear or anxiety when riding the tube. There was a more visible police presence yesterday, probably because it was the anniversary of the bombings. I think with time people have accepted what happened and are getting on with things.

The biggest difference I have noticed in the bars here is the proliferation of Magners (Bulmers to Irish readers). I noticed that the share price of the owners of Magners, C&C, went up dramatically recently following an announcement of the growth of the cider brand in the UK. After visiting some bars in London I can see why. Magners is everywhere, the pint bottles I am quite fond of in Ireland in the summer have become commonplace. This all seems to have happened very quickly, when I visited the UK in March this year I couldn’t find a Magners anywhere, now it was in every pub I visited – and heavily promoted. A pint bottle will set you back about £3.10, about the same as at home.

The marketing campaign by C&C in Ireland was highly successful in changing the perception of cider from that of teenagers drinking flagons in fields (C&C decided to stop selling Bulmers in flagons) to a brand of successful 20 something’s who are prepared to pay for a drink that’s more expensive than most lagers currently available.

On 20% growth in the UK, the same campaign seems to be going equally well in the UK.

On another note I met up with Alex Singleton, formerly of the Adam Smith Institute, now of the Globalization Institute. An excellent conversation and a thoroughly nice guy, I suggested he pay a visit to Ireland in the near future for a blogger knees up, an idea he liked.

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  1. A HUGE ad campaign, with suitably sultry Oirish accent, combined with a nice hot summer (well, in parts) means cider is firmly BACK as a summer drink.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t take a sip without reminding myself that cider was/is the bevvy of choice for underagers across the country. And what on earth is all this pish about putting ICE in it? Honestly, you irish have some mad ideas… I’ve a friend from limerick who fills his pint glass with ice and then puts HEINEKEN in it. Mad.

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