Stephen Heintz had some interesting points, I am scribbling down notes.

His points:

We now feel vulnerable not invincible
It has altered our relationships with other nations and with international institutions
The WOT has become America’s purpose by default
How much must we change going forward?
We will fail to weaken the attractive power of terrorists and we will not attract global support for our policies
We are capable of doing better and we must.

Jane Harman:

“Franchise terrorismâ€? (homegrown)
The Internet – slick recruiting tool
Need better intelligence
The most important question remains, are we beating the Madras’s?
Pentagon believes the most successful counter-terroroist act – relief for the tsunami.

George Soros

The metaphor of the War on Terror is incorrect
We need to reconsider our approach

Mitchell Reiss

3 categories in WOT

Offence (killing or capturing terrorists)
Struggle to win hearts and minds

Rita Hauser:

Why do we always think “only Americaâ€??
We behave as if only we have the answers

We can’t act alone, in the global threats were facing we have to have the support and assistance
Terror is one of the crises we face
Did we call upon the UN for all the expertise it had? Zero
The belief that we have the answers prevents us from seeing the larger picture here

Other countries build massive dykes, levees, we do we not learn from them?

Roger Cressey

We have an idea of the intent, but not the capability of Al-Qaeda
The globalisation of martyrdom
Many of the Saudis going to Iraq, are well educated

How do identify homegrown terrorists?

How will Iraq play out?
The war of unintended consequences
Zarqawi has morphed into an international form
Trade craft in IEDs, counter surveillance, Iraq is a training ground

Containing Iraq again?

Was the number 1 sponsor of terrorism, how are we going to deal with Iran without setting off Islamic terrorism?

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  1. “Iran is the biggest sponsor of Terror “? How does any one get to that conclusion ? How many act of terrorism has Iran sponsored in the past 4 years ?

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