On lectures

Caoimhe suggested that having Wifi in lectures could help for making an argument with a lecturer, as the facts are there before you while the lecturer is going on memory. At politics today the lecturer cited Robert Fisk in the course of a discussion about pre-war democracies such as the Weimar Republic or some such. I lost track when Fisk was mentioned…best not to get into arguments with lecturers methinks.






3 responses to “On lectures”

  1. Jonathan avatar

    I have actually experienced this in class. Although, it wasn’t a political class it was a technology class and the student was looking up web sites that the professor was talking about. It actually added to the discussion and the professor appreciated the input.

  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    I can see how it would in technology, not so sure about politics! And I would imagine lecturers dont like to be showen up by their students in the case of them being wrong about some fact or other. I will hold off until I know everyone a bit better! lol

  3. Caoimhe avatar

    It definitely adds to lectures, and any lecturer worth their salt will invite debate (in the humanities anyway…I’m discovering there is less room for opinions in business subjects!). I was suggesting it can sometimes allow you to argue alternative points of view rather than fact checking…and I promise you’ll hear an idea expressed at some point that you feel you have to argue against..or maybe thats just opinionated lil’ ole me!