BT Ireland sucks

Adam Beecher, who I think I know through reading, is in BT Ireland’s bad books, due to this website. It looks like he got coverage recently in the Business Post too. I have a feeling ICANN will side with Beecher, and when he says:

“I have as much right to say that ‘BT Ireland sucks’ as you or anyone else in the country, or the world; and until the law is changed to make criticism a civil or criminal offense, I’m afraid there’s bog all BT Ireland can do about it.”

And BT are probably making the problem worse in PR terms by highlighting it in this way. By the way I have met a good few people, including fellow bloggers, who have experienced problems with the BT Ireland billing system, in some cases worse than that experienced by Beecher. As a BT Ireland customer I can honestly say I have had no issues in the year I have been with them, but that’s not to say I won’t in the future.

3 thoughts on “BT Ireland sucks”

  1. Hi I have to agree I have been trying to contact bt for a password change for an email address for a week now no one answers a phone on 1550 923555 or rings you back 1890923111 shocking stuff you go online for support and they ring them very poor service to be honest



  2. Unfortunately BT Sucks is a worldwide phenomenon.

    I don’t know whether BT Ireland come under the same chairman as the UK but if it does, try


    This is the number for HIGH-level complaints in the Chairman’s office.

    Good Luck – give it a go!

  3. Changed three lines to bt & they lost one.
    the cost was about 25% dearer than eircom for calls.
    changed back to eircom.
    eircom sucks but bt is worse.
    both company’s customer services are incompetentent.:-).

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