Romania isolates bird flu village

It gets ever closer, and what has Ireland done to prepare? I’d hazard pretty much nothing.

Romanian officials quarantined a Danube delta village of about 30 people Friday after three dead ducks there tested positive for bird flu — the first such cases reported in the region.

Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur said the virus found in the farm-raised ducks came from migrating birds from Russia.

And while it is difficult for the virus to spread from birds to humans, authorities were taking no chances. They sealed off the village of Ciamurlia and banned hunting and fishing in eight counties in the region.

Romania also suspended imports of chickens and other poultry from 15 countries, most of them in Asia.

How long do we have before a mututation occurs?

3 thoughts on “Romania isolates bird flu village”

  1. The Irish Government has ordered 200,000 doses of vaccine. However, I’d put this unusual sign of bureacratic efficiency down as being due to the institutional memory of the Iodine tablets episode.

    Ditto for security in Dublin Airport (a very real concern). There’s an impresiively comprehensive display of screening – of passengers’ shoes, on the departure side, on account of getting caught out on this a while back. On the arrivals side, once you’ve got your passport in order, you can sail through Customs, the lot, without much scrutiny.

  2. i need tamiflu for my family…our goverment is not at all prepared for this pandemic that will expand to humans in no more than 2 weeks. acc. to national geographic magazine it’s enough to have a pig near an infestated chicken inside which the virus will mutate and then be able to jump ro humans…many will die..

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