China countdown to space launch

Events like this might not seem all that important right now. But the next big area up for grabs is space, and whoever dominates space will dominate the planet. Hence the rising American interest in both protecting it’s existing assets in orbit, and it’s plans to stop anyone else from having as much dominance as they do. It’s what any hegemon in it’s right mind would do.

It might seem in the realms of science fiction now, but it really is inevitable that space-based weapons will become a reality, treaties will be ignored. And think about it, whoever controls an orbital array can strike anywhere in the world at any time, with a non-nuclear weapon that can and would be used. It’s a ticket to global dominance that would be quite difficult to overcome, and Russia and China would not be up to it combatting it alone.

New Scientist has more here.

3 thoughts on “China countdown to space launch”

  1. most talk of space weapons is utter balloney. Like space laser to shoot down missles. Utter crap. that would only fessiblly work around a few seconds after launch. Because once it hits supersonic speeds. It doesn’t work.

  2. Hehe – I didnt mean now, I meant in the future. And I will post more about this subject soon.

  3. I mean ever. The heat around a high peed missile will ionise the air. which will mean that the electromagnetic beam would be interfered changed and rendered useless.

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