3 thoughts on “iPod Video, good for the prOn industry?”

  1. Man, I am so innocent. It never even crossed my mind. I had wondered whether a video iPod had a place to exist…. I guess that question’s answered now.

  2. Also, one has to wonder if the front of the ipod video is made of the same stuff as the ipod nano. Worrying times indeed for any potential ipod video owners. I can’t imagine watching video, or rather trying to watch video through an insanely scratched screen is a pleasant experience.

  3. It could be argued that any portable device capable of playing video has the potential as a medium for on-the-go-porn.

    Damian opines that the arrival of the video version of the iPod was when “iPorn just went very mainstream and very portable.” However, I’d date it to the arrival of 3G phones.

    An aquaintance of mine, who worked for O2 (or Digifone as it was then) in the late 90s/early 00s once told me that their working name for 3G back then was “porn on the bus.”

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