7 thoughts on “George Best”

  1. “Just a bit” ?

    There is no doubt the guy was a decent footballer in his day. So what ?

    I will always remember him as a drunken wife
    beater. As someone who abused the second chance he was given. As someone who didn’t repay the huge respect shown to him.

    It should only be a sad day for the poor mans family whose liver he was given….What a waste.

  2. peader,

    you are way out of order. The guy had a disease don’t forget. It wasn’t as if he could help what he was doing!

  3. asd, My life is not perfect, far from it. But I have to say that if I was given a second chance like Geroge was I would take it……he didn’t, and all he ended up doing was wasting a liver that someone else could have had, perhaps someone who would have respected the chance they were given.

    Niall, Yes I have no doubt he had a disease. Most people who have a disease in the western world are offered treatment, most people accept that treatment. Some of those people recover. The simple fact remains that if he had stuck by the advice given to him by the medical profession he would be alive now. He didn’t and he isn’t. No matter what your condition is, if you don’t listen to the advice of the medical professionals treating you then your are doomed !

  4. But my point is that he wasnt able to stick by the advice given to him! I dont believe that its as black & white whereby he had a choice to decide to drink or not. It appeared to have such a grip on him that he had no choice.

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