Blog party in Cork

I never got round to blogging about the excellent blog dinner arranged by Tom Raftery, here in Cork last week.

What struck me was that, as far as I am aware, it took the arrival of a foreign (I use the term politely) blogger in order to get the biggest gathering of Irish bloggers in one room thus far. Why is that? Surely we can get our asses in gear so that Irish blogs are more than just an online community, but one that meets for real on regular occassions. What would it take for Irish bloggers to meet? I suggested free stuff, most especially beer, might motivate Irish bloggers to meet up.

I think there are tangible benefits to meeting in person, it helps consolidate the community, and putting faces to blogs really make me read that persons blog more often. I would also suggest that Irish bloggers start using Skype for instant messaging, it too has tangible benefits. Thus far it is mainly tech bloggers that have taken to meeting up, but with the Irish blog community continuing to grow apace, regular regional or national piss ups really would help cement valuable relationships.

As for last week, all of us had a chance to chat to Robert Scoble, who really is a nice guy, obviously passionate about blogging and technology, and perhaps surprisingly to me, the company he works for. A vast array of topics were covered in the night, and I met many bloggers for the first time. Among the people I chatted to were Damien Mulley, Frank P, James Corbett, Piaras Kelly, Ed Byrne and John Breslin.

All in all a great night, now we just need to get our asses in gear to have more.

13 thoughts on “Blog party in Cork”

  1. Hey Gavin,
    It was a great night wasn’t it? I totally agree with you that we should meet up, at least semi regularly.
    When I floated the idea with others, everyone was for it, but one possible issue was that we had a big group because people travelled.

    Will people travel without a ‘celebrity’ draw?

    I know I’m dead lazy myself, so I can see their point, but I hate to think we’d let it stop us!!!

    As you say, let’s find some serious motivator.

    Tom R is busy lining up amazing podcasts and he organised Robert Scoble for the last geek dinner – maybe he could find some more ‘celebrity bloggers’ to attend… maybe we could start a paypal fund to pay for travel etc for guests…

    Too crazy?

  2. Actually I was surprised there was more than one woman. There were more women there than most geek events. And don’t worry about drunk bloggers Caoimhe, we’ll ration Gavin. Though Piaras may need watching now, after literally climbing the walls in Paris. Amongst other things…

  3. If you removed the Tipperary table from Proby’s Bistro, you would have the normal size of an Irish bloggers’ meetup.

    I think you simply announce a blogger meetup in a pub on a weekend with four or five weeks notice and you’ll have attendees making their way into the place.

  4. Hi, I’d love to meet up and wouldn’t need a celebrity ;-)half a dozen over a pizza would do me. Once its reasonably within the greater Dublin area, and I get some notice, I’ll be there!

  5. I’m with Sarah on this one. Except of course, her pizza theory; who would get the extra two slices? There’d be havoc, havoc I tell you!

  6. If you removed the Tipperary table from Proby’s Bistro tipp table is there more tipp bloggers.

    come on the premier county

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