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  1. It’s a truism that someone like McDowell – who delights in making all kinds of allegations from behind the shield of his office – will also be litigious as hell.

    On the other hand, we’d get right up Dickie Waghorne and the Goys’ noses…

  2. Just checking in to say hi, Gavin…i haven’t visited your place for ages…hope you’re doing fine:)

  3. “Most dangerous man in Ireland”?! Hahaha, come on!
    If people don’t vote for him, in a little more than a year, he is out of business. Does that qualify for most dangerous man? I don’t think so… ๐Ÿ™‚
    And in the meantime, there are more tangible dangers.

  4. I think its a great idea Gavin. I blogged about ‘adopting’ a politician nearly two years, after having read about the idea of ‘adopting’ a journalist ago –


    and actually setup a blog to watch Bertie Ahern, called “The Bertie Bowl” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Unfortunately I didn’t have time to keep it going so I think its a good idea to make it a group blog. There should be one for all politicians IMHO!

  5. Brillant idea, would be well worth the effort.
    It could be a way to highlight the many misgivings that are not highlighted enough in the media!

  6. Excellent idea – then I could completely ignore him in my blog. Problem is that he’d love the publicity.

    Could subtitle it – “One man’s attempt at state subversion”

  7. I considered a similar idea for the coming election here.
    As a result i find myself well disposed to the idea of a communal blog thingy especially dedicated to observation of politicans. Seems very interesting.


  8. Of course we could just all create a ‘tagmob’ by agreeing on a technorati tag and using it for all our posts mentioning McDowell. For instance…. er…. ‘pdmac’? Then anyone who wants to follow the aggregate could simply subscribe to RSS feed for the ‘pdmac’ tag.

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