WordPress 2

I must say I like the interface in WordPress 2 now that I’ve upgraded, the only problem I am having is I find the WYSIWYG interface a little finnicky. The popup to insert a link takes a while longer to come up, and seeing the formatting is hard without having to click the HTML button…how is everyone else finding it?

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2”

  1. I find the WYSIWYG pretty useless – i have it switched off after struggling with it for a day or two. The insert link popup in it is a page load, where as the old one was just an instant javascript popup. If you knew your way around the old interface, I think it’s much faster for everything. I think the WYSIWYG ui is useful for non-savvy users – it is much more obvious to people who are used to word etc. so i’ve left it turned on for new users who sign up to tcal.

  2. It’s a pain for posting photos and getting the layout correct first time. I’ve switched it off but it keeps coming back to haunt me. I better call a priest

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