New look

Again copying Rymus, I have changed templates. I will decide on a suitable image for the header shortly. For now single entries appear to be displaying incorrectly in IE, when comments are there. Not sure how to fix it.

9 thoughts on “New look”

  1. But for the comments link being on top, I’m liking it. It’s clean, but then, so was your last one. For a moment there, I thought the comments were messed up, but now that I find I’m already logged in, I realise they are anything but.

  2. Gavin, I’ve code that fixes the problem. If you scroll down to the bottom of the CSS file on my site there’s a fix for the i.e. display problem. It’s also in the K2 Bug-Tracker so it’ll be fixed before the final version of K2

  3. The blue is quite cold…and the header changed to something different will warm the look up a bit. Of course I could add some porn links ala Caoimhe 😉

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