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I am trying to decide on a nice new image for the top of the blog, for the moment I am using a pic I stole off Rymus, though I have cropped images of my own at the ready. Perhaps I should let my readers decide what looks best, as long as there is a clear winner! Having read this story it appears that the image I use is extremely important!

10 thoughts on “Header image”

  1. I like the first one but I think Irish blogs should have irish pictures. and I am not sure that one is Irish. For instance the picture on mine is about 2 minutes from where I live.
    anything nice near you. a view of cork from particks hill would be a nice pic.

  2. I like #2. I agree that Irish blogs should have Irish pics tho … and you have plenty of material at your fingertips in County Cork …

  3. Aye its a grand old image but can yee not take a snap shot of outside yer house or something?

    By the way the link to yer man with the photos is class, some cool images on there and I dont blaime yee for being a thief 😉

    Aye me name is Gav as well hi.

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