Microsoft Origami device

The rumours have abounded about the mystery device for the past week. Microsoft have tried a viral marketing thing with this website. But the advert/promotional video appears to have leaked. (But then of course leaking the video could be part of the viral marketing) It’s like a big PDA or small Tablet. All it needs is a good battery.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Origami device”

  1. Hey Galvin, that’s a cool movie about the origami. I cannot wait until it comes out in the market. By the way, I check out your blog just about everyday, and I appreciate all the info. I’ll try to comment more, because I understand how irritating it is to not have feedback. Thanks…

  2. Also, who is the host for your website, and did you build this css template yourself or did you just use what they offer? The reason I ask, is because I’m about to get a professional blog going, and I want a great host. Thanks for the help and keep blogging…

  3. Pretty cool post, notice the differerence in size between the two devices featured. Compare this to the mock-ups online and there is a substantial difference.

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