Riots in Dublin

Yes I followed it. Yes the media fell short. Yes bloggers provided the best coverage.

Dick O’Brien has photos of an apparent racially motivated assault.

United Irelander, Dossing Times, RedMum, El Blogador, Disillusioned Lefty, Richard Delevan.

Flickr sets detailing the events. Or videos.

The Irish blogosphere really has matured. I love it.

Richard has a podcast on the whole thing, and Irish bloggers have been Instalaunched.

4 thoughts on “Riots in Dublin”

  1. and Irish bloggers have been Instalaunched.

    Sounding a cynical note, links from Instahack don’t really constitute ‘maturation’ of any kind (especially considering the Great One’s record as a wingnut of note). He was probably emailed on this by one of the GOP ex-pats about the place.

  2. Many have been linked by Insta, including myself. It doesn’t define maturity – perhaps I should have been clearer. Maturity is marked by the quality of coverage.

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