Who reads this blog anyway?

If you are reading this please leave a comment…maybe include how you found my blog, and what made you stay(if you did).


By the way I will be keeping this as the first entry for a few days…

26 thoughts on “Who reads this blog anyway?”

  1. I have enjoyed the blog – mostly due to the ecclectic posts and interesting points raised. Came across you in other Irish blogs and have come back again and again… Not too sure that this comment is very helpful, but, keep up the great blogging.

  2. An international “I read you” from Germany!
    Been reading you for quite a while (though only the feed, mostly) but really can’t remember how I got here in the first place. Probably some link somewhere…;-)

  3. Stumbled across you in someone else’s blog many months ago. Occassionally check in. The absence of comments reflects more on my lack of creativity than on your blog.
    Thoroughly recommend that you load StatCounter on your blog site. This will tell you who visits and where. But be warned, it’s addictive. You’ll start hunting down visitors and start probing them as to why they never left a comment!

  4. Found by clicking on your link in my blogroll on my own wonderful website. Wonderful. *cough* I need traffic *cough*

    Did I mention how wonderful my blog is?

  5. Read your site all the time cos I need to able to quote it when I speak to you or when you turn up unannounced in London ; )


  6. I’m in the US and I found your blog from Richard Delevan’s blog sometime ago. I read it and others for articles on Irish and Euro politics.

  7. Reading you pretty much as long as I’ve been reading blogs – two years or so now – no idea how I first found the blog.

  8. Ok, ok.. I get the hint..

    *memo to self*
    Must comment on Gavin’s Blog more often.

    btw.. I suspect Mr Fealty’s to blame for my visits.. but I can’t prove anything.. yet.

  9. From California. Found your blog about 6 months ago and have been reading it pretty regularly since. It’s a great blog!

  10. I think i’ve been checking in for close to a couple of years now. Like many others, the reasons for my first vbisit have vanished in a puff of strangely aromatic smoke.

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