Blogging minister worries Whitehall

It looks like this has made some people nervous:

DAVID MILIBAND, the politician tipped as a future Labour leader, is to become the first member of the cabinet to set up a web log in which he will publish views that go beyond his ministerial brief.

The launch of the “blog”, disclosed in a leaked letter, is likely to cause concern among colleagues of the communities minister, who fear that he may encroach on their departmental territory.

The letter, circulated around Whitehall by Rory O’Donnell, his private secretary, makes it clear that Miliband intends to address “the policies of other departments” and publicise his views on a range of subjects.

Miliband, a former Downing Street head of policy, is to launch the blog next month providing he wins the agreement of cabinet colleagues.

His spokesman said yesterday that his blog would be an “innovative way” of gauging reaction to government policy, “not racey details of his breakfast habits”.

Providing he wins the support of Cabinet colleagues. It would definately be an interesting read if he gets it off the ground. [Hat tip to reader Niall]