More new Irish blogs

It grows and grows.

Dan Buckley over at Domestic Despair (A Cork man too)
A Kevin Myers-watch blog
An Irish ice-cream blog
Copernicus over at the Midnight Court

I wonder though, besides aggregators like POTB, how we are going to manage to read all the new blogs. I do use RSS aggregators myself (Thunderbird) but as time goes on its getting increasingly difficult to keep track. There have been attempts to categorise blogs by subjects, by tags, by technorati rank, but is there another way? How do Irish bloggers keep track of their favourite blogs?

Oh I remember back in the day when there were only a handful to keep track of, life was so simple back then…..YAWN.

On another note I have noticed a sudden increase in visitors from China, recently ranking higher than visitors from Canada. I can’t explain it.

5 thoughts on “More new Irish blogs”

  1. Eirepreneur talks a lot about river of news and feedgrazing methods for managing a LOT of feeds. Maybe use one of these. I have about 130 feeds in bloglines and I can keep on top of all the information using that.

  2. We have a feature where you can click on “Add to Fav.” and it add that blogger to your own aggregator. Then you go to “my account” and click on “Favourites” and you should see your own aggregator rolled out there for you. Add as many Irish bloggers as you want. You can even get an rss feed for your own list.

  3. Thanks for the mention! I know what you mean. I’m new to this, but the amount of interesting stuff out there is crazy. Will have to take some of the above suggestions.


  4. As a food, and definitely chocolate- lover … l must say I really enjoy the Irish Ice Cream Blog .. Gavin yours is not so bad either 🙂

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