Irish Corruption

I have been posting more over on Irish Corruption, thanks to an upsurge in Tribunal activity, and a number of stories coming out. It has also received its first comment from a member of Dail Eireann, and its first mention in the Dail, by Ciaran Cuffe during Private Members time on Political donations and planning.

Expect more additions to the IC blog soon, along with the normal building of archives from the national media relating to corruption, I would hope for opinions to be expressed and anger to be perhaps vented by readers.

3 thoughts on “Irish Corruption”

  1. Great series, Gavin …Unfortunately Anthony Sheridan’s
    “Crime Does Pay” posts hits the nail directly on the head.
    Though from the US, I feel comfortable putting in my two cents as this theme is something I can read about in my local newspaper. This is a universal concern and thanks to Mr. Sheridan for having the gonads to pull this out from under the carpet where it is usually swept.

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