4 thoughts on “You know you have it bad when…”

  1. Hey Gavin …

    I think its caled a slump. Being rather new to your site
    {I mentioned I stumbled upon accidently while researching the Sheridan family name] I found myself this past week reading through your archives {how bad is that}?

    Being a ‘yank’ I did ask myself at times why am I reading this stuff … There has to be at least 100 American Bloggers to every Irish.

    You probably aren’t aware of the value and substance you bring to your readers. Your well thoughout out and direct reporting series, i.e. Irish Corrunption and the exceptional debate on the ‘Faling Man’ are a few reasons I tune in.
    The rant about a dumb quiz was funny. Your reserved and
    [at times light hearted] intelligence is refreshing.

    My wife is also now into reading your blog and she thinks in addition to your great reporting style should be better known. I known of 12 new readers [fans] you now have here in Central New York.

    Perhaps its time to take another step up the ladder and write a book about your experiences … you do have the gift of gab.

    Whatever direction you decide to take your blog, it will be the right decision.
    Have a good one and thanks.

  2. And you have readers across the water in the other direction – don’t forget about us!

    For me, I know I’ve got problems when I check back in on a blogger I know to have gone on extended hiatus JUST IN CASE he’s chosen to ignore the cerebral delights of academic glory in favour of keeping me entertained in the wee hours of the morning.

  3. Come on then Gavin, blog about not blogging, here’s your starter for ten…. a blogger blogs on non-blogging… it’s called displacement activity

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