Suspect blogged about cannibalism

If he is guilty of what he is alleged to have done, his blog might be useful to those interested in the mind of a very very sick individual.

I guess his first entry in September 2002 might betray a certain fondness for violence.

They say there’s a good chance of another attack of some kind tomorrow, (or today if you want to be really anal about it). Now I’m not hoping they attack, I’m not going that far, but if they do, let’s just say I’ll be watching the news coverage of it for the entertainment value.






One response to “Suspect blogged about cannibalism”

  1. Tony avatar

    The animals in the American media are having a field day with this tragedy. They printed how that poor child pled for her life from that sicko. No regards or respect for her, or her family whatsoever. A sad day in America and just when you think you’ve heard it all … there’s something else.