Late Late Show gaffes

Jaysus the Late Late is full of gaffes tonight. Gay Byrne made a no-holds barred claim that several judges of the judiciary are fond of the gargle. He even used the ‘swiggin imaginery glass to your mouth while saying glug glug’ jibe. I know the allegation isn’t surprising but the way he did it, and given his job, it was.

Later in a discussion about Jesus-related subjects, a Catholic priest, when asked if he would be going to see the Da Vinci Code, replied that he would, but would not be paying. Further digging the hole he said he would be getting it copied when it comes out on DVD. The Plank reminded him that such action was criminal, to which the priest replied that Dan Browne or Sony Pictures won’t miss the few bob.

Jaysus indeed. Priests advocating copying DVDs because you dont want to give movie studios money. What next?

3 thoughts on “Late Late Show gaffes”

  1. Gavin,
    I missed Gay Byrne but I did see the priest say that he would copy a DVD of the film. As you say, it was pointed out to him that this was illegal. He didn’t seem embarassed. I took it as an example of poor leadership by a guy who put his ideological position before the law. There has been a long tradition of priests and bishops holding themselves above the law.

    Alternatively, the priest simply wasn’t trained, or didn’t have the skill to go on TV. And was caught out saying what he didn’t mean to say.

    You feign surprise?

  2. Doh! Sorry I missed that one. I can’t stand The Plank so I rarely watch it.

    Looks like the priest has not been swayed by the oh-so-very-rocking-loud “You wouldn’t steal a purse…you wouldn’t steal a car…” My husband once leaned over to me at the “you wouldn’t steal a television” bit and said “I wouldn’t steal THAT television.”

    I hate that ad. But really, is pirating DVDs a mortal or a venial sin?

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