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  1. This is so great and thanks for posting the video. I caught that show and this remains a fascinating interview which has brought to light a topic of debate which hopefully will not be exclusive to churches.

    Ms. Phelps-Roper unknowingly hammers away at a contemporary and fundamental question: Why do so many people of so called ‘faith’ feel the need to speak on God’s behalf. My interpretation {and I can be wrong} does not classify that as faith but as a condescending obnoxiousness, placing one higher than the rest of us … to the point of diminishing the very One they feel they are speaking for.

    Can one debate God has nothing to do with religion? Religion is man made, a vehicle to praise and worship … nothing more than a commitment to devotion. No religion {that I’m aware of} is heaven sent or we would all belong to that one.

    Interpretation is where the word faith comes into play … obviously the many religions exist today due to diverse interpretations of God’s word. However, interpretation should mean a better ‘personal’ understanding … not ‘speak for.’

    By no means am I a theologian {and I sure I have proven that}. I work with developmentally disabled adolescents and my observations dictate they have an
    uncanny ability which is lacking in many. They can separate and put into proper perspective their faith in God as opposed to their religion.

    Their ‘religion’ is whichever {church} is going to serve the best cookies and donuts after Sunday’s service. However, their unquestionable faith in their God is demonstrated by their total acceptance and tolerance of others which is exercised
    throughout each day, despite the often cruel remarks they hear from ‘normal’ people. With the cards they were dealt in life, one can only wonder why?

    Ms. Phelps-Roper’s belief in her religion overshadows any justified belief in her God. She should brush up such things as ‘love thy neighbor … judge not … or Matthew 6:1-15 : ‘When thou prayest, enter into they closet …. etc., etc., etc.’

    With so much talk about the separation of church and state … perhaps its time to look at the separation of God and religion.

    It’s not supposed to be like this and I hope this interview demonstrates the need for civilized debate to leave religion in church and venom in the fangs of a snake.

  2. It is terrible to see how religious fanatism rapidly turns individuals into idiots and hateful persons…the essence of every religion is supposed to be love and compassion…i see no love and no compassion there…

  3. Do agree with Dick above. Where does God get these people? They live and breathe and spout, Hell, Fire, Brimstone, and Hate. What a strange face she had, glaring eyes. “You must obey”, suddenly I had a vision of a Dalek. Yes, one of those Dr Who creations. Silly woman a brain cell short of a brain.

    There must be a lot of boredom in America.

  4. Personally, I think she made both Hannity and Colmes appear like school kids pretending to be interviewers.

    Neither rebounded with any substantial facthaving resorted only to personal attacks and name calling. A common Bible would have presented them both with a wealth of possible retaliations when she went about performing her abortion on scriptures.

    She is not a women a brain cell short of a brain … she played them both like a fiddle. She is a member of a church with less than 100 members most of whom are her family. Almost insignificant, therefore, can one assume she was on the show exclusively for the sensationalism aspect of the story?

    If that was in fact the case, the only direct result was allowing her [warped] message get broadcasted on a world wide news outlet so another 100 or so nuts might join her cause. Unlike Dalek, Shirley Phelps-Roper is real and she is here among us.

    If her message wasn’t worth debating, then Sheridan hit the nail on the head with his question …why did Fox have her on in the first place?

  5. I agree with Tony. Although she practically vomited out a tirade of fundamental idiocy, Hannity attacked her personally instead of pinning her down (which would have been easy to do). Last time I checked ‘you’re obviously a nut’ is hardly an acceptable argument. Glad to see Fox has is still reporting the news from their oh so non-sensational, non-partisan, independent viewpoint.

  6. True, and Fox will benefit from the increased bond of solidarity with their viewers, who share the outrage of Hannity and will thank him for the ad hominem attack on their common enemy.

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