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Massive Google Earth update – Dubai updated

It’s taken a while, but we are finally seeing more of the world in high resolution via Google Earth. The changes were made last night and include areas of Russia, China, Africa, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean Islands, many islands in the Pacific, Puerto Rico, South America, New Zeland, Australia.

Of most interest to me was Dubai, who’s spectacular growth in both buildings and islands sees a major change. Google Maps has yet to be updated so I took a snapshot of Dubai, the photo is circa 1999/2000 I suspect, and is in low resolution.

So here are some rather spectacular before and after shots of Dubai.

Dubai, plus the coast line as far as Jebel Ali port (BEFORE) :

Dubai 1999/2000/2001

Dubai around now, with the photo showing just beyond Jebel Ali port: (AFTER)

Dubai 2005

There are other assorted buildings and structures in Dubai, many of which I photographed from the ground. Here are some of the famous ones:

The recently completed Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping centers in the world, with it’s own indoor ski slopes to the left of the picture:


Palm Island Jumeirah, that did not exist just 5 years ago.


The Burj Dubai under construction, center of picture:

Burj Dubai

The Burj al Arab, Madinat Hotel and Jumeirah Beach hotel:

Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach

The skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road, with Emirates Towers just off the center.

Sheikh Zayed Road from space

And finally, the UAE from 310 miles up, you can make out the two islands.

Dubai from 300 miles up

You can look at my photos of Dubai from the ground.

19 thoughts on “Massive Google Earth update – Dubai updated”

  1. Whatcha gonna do when the oil runs dry?
    Gonna sit right here and watch those Arabs die.

  2. Great photos. Basically the only thing I know about
    Dubai is they impressively plan for their future more than any other nation on the planet. One
    has to admire that and would like to visit one day.

  3. Dubai has little or no oil…
    their main income is through Real Estate and not Oil extraction, please don’t confuse yourself thinking that all Arab nations have oil.. these people are just amazing geniuses as well as great businessmen thats all..

  4. Why does Dweeezl post such a stupid comment?

    I bet he has never even met an Arab, only knows what he’s seen from the news…

    Dubai is an impressive place, really impressive and is getting better all the while. A very forward-thinking leader has made something out of basically nothing.

  5. Dweezl is not only a pathetic non-entity of an individual, but he/she is truly ill-informed and unconscious.

    Dubai caters for a hub of 1 billion people, has the highest foreign investment per capita, and has the fastest growing Airline, Free Zone Ports, construction and tourist industry on the entire planet! Dubai is one of the greatest cities on Earth!

    So Dweezl … you should stick to probing your nose, where you can search the deep prejudice-filled vacuum in your empty head.

  6. reallllllllllllllly crazy people !!!!!!!!!+lybie when u watch a crazy man el keddafi i cant understand this theater

  7. hey guys, just want to say one thing…
    dubai is a great city, ive been there twice! but have any of you relised that it is not the businss people tht make it such a gd place. its those indian that have been enslaved by the overpowering muslims in that area. they work for very little money, in humane hours and all day, through the heat..which ranges frm 40-55 degrees! so remember those people…they make dubai great. all of these buildings were built in just a few years…what great builders!
    jai hind

  8. how could you say that . i was there twice also
    but you have to know that there are rich indian businessmen
    and there are the poor indians which dubai will never
    eccept to bring them or to work in business or any feilds simply becouse
    they have nothing and never touched a book .we all know that alot
    of indians are livin bellow the line of boverty..and i bet they find
    work in their country so here we give dubai credits for bring them in and
    gave them the chance to work ..
    but also i am with you they work very hard

  9. Love the City Dubai and it’s ppl, from what i have seen and read on webpages.
    Have not been unfortunly, but some day i hope.

    Just now i’m wating to see what’s happning to Dubai Land witch are verry impressive.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

    /Agne (Sweden)

    ps If some one knows arabic, can i do a direct translation of the name “Agne” to Arabic?

  10. This Dweezl person probably has not ventured out of the street she / he lives in, has never visited any city other than where she / he was born and certainly does not have a passport!!! I am an Indian living in Dubai….the Arabs here are extremely intelligent and all the development that is being done is to precisely ensure they remain rich even after the oil runs dry!!! If it must be said, there are a lot of western leeches sucking them dry…..they still remain cordial and hospitable!!!!

  11. There are some amazing photos there, I read about a month back about how all the over seas people that are working there have been leaving fast due to the recession, so the very first comment “What you gonna do when the oil runs out?” Well what they gonna do when the workers leave??

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