Archives screwed?

My archive page in K2 appears to be well and truly gone. I have tried various means of bringing it back, but she is darn stubborn. Any thoughts?

It seems I’m not the only one with the problem, the K2 page has the same 404.






3 responses to “Archives screwed?”

  1. Keith Gaughan avatar

    I don’t use WordPress, but after looking at your page source and the K2 source, I’m pretty sure I know how to fix this. Download the K2 theme, extract the file theloop.php, and put in the same directory as the rest of the K2 files. If that doesn’t work, try the navigation.php file. If that doesn’t work, you might need to talk to somebody involved with WordPress like Donnacha.

  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    It appears it was the permalink structure that needed refreshing for some reason, thanks though Keith!

  3. Keith Gaughan avatar

    Odd, that. It must have been down to server-side caching. You running WP-Cache or Staticize Reloaded? That’d explain it.