Haughey 'should not be given State funeral': Cruiser

Conor Cruise O’Brien believes Charlie Haughey should not be given a State funeral.

Dr Cruise O’Brien, who turns 90 next year, dismissed suggestions that Mr Haughey had contributed to the State, and said any of the reforms he had introduced “were dictated to him”.

“They were not his idea”.

Is the country split on this or does everyone think Haughey should be given a State funeral?

I agree with O’Brien, Haughey should not get a State funeral.






6 responses to “Haughey 'should not be given State funeral': Cruiser”

  1. Twenty Major avatar

    They should burn the cunt in a pyre outside the Central Bank.

  2. Rick avatar

    Too fuckin right Twenty and I hope they don’t wait till the bollox is dead either !

  3. john mortell avatar
    john mortell

    personally i wonder what exactly is going to prevent him getting a state funeral??i mean its not like this country has much of a record of actualy making criminals in positions of power account for their crimes(the church,half of the ‘old’ fianna fail appearently etc.)i mean i have a hard time seeing even enda kenny(if he bacame taoiseach) or any taoisecach preventing this..i mean look at the reaction to liam lawlors death – everything was forgiven so long as he was dead – i imagine haugheys going to get the same – and in his case as a former taoiseach everything being forgiven will include a state funeral…just a thought

  4. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    I think the point was that the State funeral will happen, it doesn’t mean we want it to happen though.

  5. mick avatar

    Well I suppose it wouldn’t be a bad thing to let him have a state funeral, that’d give us all a chance to laugh at the cadaver of a sad fucker who spent his life stealing from us mere mortals. The thieving bastard !

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