I'm sick…

…sick at the pathetic fawning interviews RTE has conducted in relation to Charles Haughey. Saturday View today was tantamount to this bullshit coverage I have watched and listened to over the last few days.

Vincent Browne has turned coat and now loves Haughey apparently.

But RTE are not alone. The Indo today made me feel even more sick. Pathetic. They gloss over the fact that no one turned up for the funeral too. Here’s some cringeworthy quotes:

Past Irish men and women and children from the four provinces – relatively few in number – come to pay their final respects.

Then the roof of the hearse, as measured and magisterial as the old Haughey when he would coast through rooms like Napoleon.

For Bertie Ahern did not come to bury Caesar. He came to praise him, and to ensure that the good he did would not be interred with his bones.

A radical reformer. A complex man, like WB Yeats.

Afterwards, Fr Eoghan walked over and hugged the Taoiseach. Caesar is dead. Long live Caesar.

Fucking pathetic. What unadultered and absolute bullshit.

More level headed coverage after I calm down.

5 thoughts on “I'm sick…”

  1. Why calm down when the rest of the media has clearly gone demented on the notion of Haughey being a saint.

    Your right about todays Saturday View the most turd-laden shite ever. It was crystallised for me in the moment Finaly refrained from saying Haughey lied in the Dail preferring the say he told untruths. Which of course is not half as bad but the same thing.

    Ridiculous post-facto sainthood.

  2. I take particular exception to the Yeats comparison, especially since it’s on the basis they were both “complex”. You could say that about virtually anyone.

    Also, what’s with the Caesar comparisons? Surely even an honest and non-corrupt politician would be undeserving of such an accolade.

  3. ah its just the usual bollocks – in my home,comments to the same effect as the stuff here gets the same response as saying that pedophilia should be legalised,appearently saying the truth about the dead is ‘rude’ or some such crap.thing is the truth will out and the damaging revelations will cast haughey as the thieving bastard that he was in later history

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