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Damien links to the list of blogs on UCC’s servers. I have to agree with Damien, and I would love to see more students blogging, it would be an interesting way of interacting with other students and, indeed, lecturers.

Unfortunately I don’t think there was a specific decision made to start students blogging. UCC installed new mail software last year, and gradually made it the de facto software for all students early this year. A default feature of the software they installed, SurgeMail, is the ability to create blogs. Not great blogs either by any means, but blogs nonetheless. Despite the feature being available the takeup has been small, and many blogs were abandoned. So underwhelmed was I by the experience that I never blogged about it.

Again I have to agree with Damien and Donncha, install WPMU!

UCC should sit down and think seriously about getting itself a blog policy, and setting out on a deliberate path to encourage students to start a blog on day one of their student life. It would engender debate and skills in critical analysis, and give a greater sense of community among students online.

But did Bebo wipe out the chances of this happening?

3 thoughts on “UCC and blogging”

  1. Perhaps if something akin to a business plan was put together and presented to them then it would have a greater chance of adoption in UCC. Perhaps training also for all the PROs in the clubs and socs would help matters too.

  2. Yup, 2 societies use WordPress thus far… it seems like the simplest way for socs to update their sites easily without the need for ‘webmasters’.

    Perhaps a group blog ala Crooked Timber could be started among students to get things moving in the new term.

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