Le Monde to be sued?

I read in the Tribune on Sunday that Le Monde made a boo-boo with the following:

Citant Othello dans son discours d’adieu, “Charlie” affirme “avoir rendu quelque service à l’Etat”. Mais le dernier hommage pourrait revenir à Moira Geoghegan-Quinn, ancien ministre de son cabinet, qui décrit ainsi celui qu’elle appelait “Sweetie” : “C’était un personnage entouré d’intrigues, de mystères et d’argent, mais protégé par son populisme, son intelligence et son sens opportun du bon mot.”

Maire Geoghegan-Quinn was ‘Sweetie’, not Terry Keane? Or else my French is really bad.

Word has it in the Tribune that Quinn is consulting her lawyers.






One response to “Le Monde to be sued?”

  1. John avatar

    Okay, so Le Monde made a mistake. Nobody who knows anything about this story will be upset because it was clearly an error. And, anyone who doesn’t know won’t care.

    I’d prefer to hear that Le Monde had apologized and Geoghean Quinn had accepted it.

    Sometime it amazes me how ‘precious’ those in the political arena are.