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  1. Hi Gavin, just read post and thought about it…I got to your site through (then some other link-blah blah blah)I live in America I was interested in Ireland’s opinion of Americans my friend returned three days ago from Ireland (not a good experience, a lot of haters in the Uk she said) So my interest is politics and (being American we like to make up our minds about who our ‘allies are’) currently Americans don’t trust our media to give us truthful accurate news (photoshop over at Reuters) uncovered this story CNN played it out for almost a week assuming American bloggers had not caught on, we call them dinosaur media. Oh Katie Couric is a bitch, why? i dunno. Well moving on I viewed your pics “loved it”!! Although it was nothing you wrote (somewhat), I’m not sure why Ireland & England dislike the U.S., we work our asses off over here! I work six to seven days a week, I voluntarily work on days off, been doing this straight for three years and two months (its the energy drinks baby!) I pay big time in IRS taxes (fuckers)! Would take a vacation but I have two daughters in college they both work one has two jobs as yoga instructor. Honestly I’m to afraid to go to Ireland/England, maybe reconsider if public opinion changed over there, like, is England supplying the rusty box cutters ’cause damn UK should just jump on the ‘ole band wagon to help blow up “the fuckin Americans”, thats how its playing out over here, by way of returning Americans coming back from UK. So, tell me what do you think? Just to let you know liked your blog, will check it later!!

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